11 Tips for Closing Your Summer Home

By Website Admin | November 2, 2016

11 Tips for Closing your Summer Home

It’s that sad time of the year in New England where we say goodbye to summer and plan for the colder months ahead. Closing up the summer cottage can be a chore but Premier Home Inspection Services has provided 11 tips for closing up your summer home. These tips will make it easier for you when you reopen the following year and ensure it’s being closed up safely!

  • Turn off and drain water completely – This helps prevent your pipes from freezing in the cold weather. Any water remaining in the pipes can freeze and crack causing future flooding and damage in your home.
  • Empty and clean all appliances – Remove all food and clean with disinfectant. Also consider leaving your refrigerator unplugged and the door slightly ajar. This will prevent any mold or mildew from growing. Leaving a fresh box of baking soda inside can help with any lingering odors.
  • Clean Gutters – This may be one of the most overlooked seasonal tasks. Cleaning leaves and debris from your gutters will allow water and snowmelt to flow freely away from the house.
  • Take all valuables home – Vacated summer homes can be an easy target for burglars.
  • Close fireplace or woodstove dampers – Have the fireplace and chimney cleaned and close dampers to prevent significant energy loss.
  • Trim any branches around the home – It’s important to trim trees and branches hanging too close to the house to help prevent damage to the home.
  • Close and lock all windows – Closing and locking all windows not only keeps unwanted guests out but will help with energy savings.
  • Care for beddings and linens – Spread mothballs or cedar chips on stored linen and bedding. This will help deter mice. They will be looking to keep warm too!
  • Store all outdoor furniture – This will prevent the furniture from being damaged.
  • Shut off power and gas – Electricity should be shut off at the main breakers, only leaving on circuits that control necessities such as the alarm system. In addition, unplug all appliances to prevent possible damage caused by lightning. While gas should also be turned off at the main line, the safer option would be to have the service temporarily suspended by contacting your gas company.
  • Remove all trash from property – Make sure to take all that last minute trash to the dump to keep the property clean and prevent any animals getting in it.


Woeful to say goodbye to your summer home, but planning on buying a vacation property for your winter adventures? Premier Home Inspection Services can help you with your NH home inspection of any size!

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