Home Wreckers

Whether you are in the process of preparing to put your home on the market in New Hampshire, a new homeowner, or a seasoned homeowner, we here at Premier Home Inspection would like to help put an end to the homeowner bad habits that could be creating bigger problems than you realize. Here are some helpful tips from… Read More »

Winter Home Fire Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, home fires occur more in the winter than any other season. Half of home heating fires are reported during the months of December, January and February. We at Premier Home Inspection Services, LLC would like you to stay warm this winter, as well as safe. Be prepared and… Read More »

Your Guide to Purchasing a Vacation Home

Your Guide to Purchasing a Vacation Home  ~An Interview with Josh Johnson, Realtor with Johnson Properties~ Many families make it a tradition to head to picturesque New Hampshire to enjoy their favorite vacation spot each year. Whether your family’s spot is in the exquisite white mountains or on a beautiful lake, it undoubtedly offers incredible… Read More »

What Makes a Bedroom a Bedroom?

What Makes a Bedroom a Bedroom? As a certified New Hampshire home inspector we are frequently asked, “What makes a bedroom a bedroom?”.  Many people think that a room needs to have a closet in order to qualify as a bedroom.  While this is a universally accepted standard, good luck finding any type of authority… Read More »