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What are the benefits to doing a Home Inspection prior to selling your home?

One of the advantages to having a pre-listing inspection prior to selling your property is giving the homeowner the opportunity to see the house from an unbiased third party standpoint. This isn’t as much for the buyer as its 99.9% for the seller.  This does demonstrate to potential buyers the homeowners’ willingness to go above… Read More »

Make your house more energy efficient

Make your house more energy efficient One question I am asked on *almost* every inspection: “How can I make this house more efficient?” That is usually followed by “… without spending much money.” In my next few posts, I will share some of my more common suggestions. Have something you’d like addressed specifically? Let me… Read More »

Got Mold?

Got Mold?  Did you know just about EVERY home has mold? Did you find mold growing in your home? How do you test it? Generally speaking, it is not necessary to test it, and definitely not time to panic. Usually, it  does NOT present a health risk, however some people are very sensitive.  These people may… Read More »

Your Local Home Inspector is a great resource

Your Local Home Inspector is a great resource Have you ever been overwhelmed as a homeowner, not knowing where to start with a project, or even who to call? We have all been there and it is VERY easy for something that should be a top priority to be put on the back burner for… Read More »