We are continuing to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and closely rely on information from the CDC and World Health Organization for best practices and protective measures for our clients, our own families and our work family. To help reduce the possible spread of COVID-19 and to continue to assist as many clients as possible, we wanted to share the latest updates on our current safeguards.

We typically encourage customers to attend the inspection so you can hear your inspector’s input first-hand. We understand it is an exciting time to explore the house; however, a house is a high-touch environment (many light switches, doorknobs, fixtures, etc.) and we need to take that into consideration for everyone’s health and safety. For the protection of all parties, we require you to wear a face mask and maintain appropriate social distancing measures. If you are not willing to wear a mask, you will be asked to wait outside.

Consider not attending the home inspection. Most people find a conference call at the end of the inspection suffices and you are always encouraged to follow-up with us after viewing the written report. We do need to have an agent on-site to provide access, however we completely understand if he or she would like to wait in their vehicle. With advanced technology available, your agent may be able and/or willing to Facetime or live stream the inspection (or parts of the inspection) as we proceed through the home. For our inspector’s safety, we cannot perform an inspection and manage a live call at the same time – we would have to rely on your agent to help.

As always, our electronic reports are packed with helpful information, pictures, descriptions and we’re more than happy to add additional information if requested. We can also add video and/or audio clips to supplement the report.

We ask agents on the listing side of the transaction to stay in close communication with the sellers and to let all involved parties know if current occupants develop any signs of illness. We are happy to re-schedule to a later date. We are requesting current occupants leave the house. If any current occupants are in a high-risk category for exposure to COVID-19, all involved should be willing to re-schedule.

Our staff has been fully vaccinated. Our field employees will stay home if they or a family member exhibit a cough, fever, shortness of breath or any other cold or flu-like symptom. Should we learn that any of our employees have been exposed to the virus, we will curtail operations until it is considered safe to proceed. As always, we practice frequent hand washing and utilize alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after each inspection.

We appreciate your cooperation.