NH Carpenter Ant Problems

April 19, 2013


NH Carpenter Ant Problems

Ants are a BIG problem in southern NH with the rocky, sandy soil. Of particular concern are those big black carpenter ants! If you see a small number inside your home, likely there are thousands more living in your walls, eating away at the structure of your home.

This picture was taken in Brookline, NH where an improperly built deck allowed moisture to run along the plywood sheathing (behind the siding). The discovery occurred when the homeowner was replacing a couple of deck boards and noticed the deck framework was beginning to rot.

Ants LOVE moisture and completely destroyed the framework of the entire back side of the home! The 2×6 framing had been chewed down to 2×2 in a matter of a few short years. Had the damage been missed, the house would have eventually collapsed.

If you see sawdust-like residue, known as frass, around doors, windows, or in the basement (inside and/or outside), call a pest professional and a reputable contractor right away for further inspection and removal!!! Need a referral, call Premier Home Inspection Services, LLC and we’ll be happy to introduce you to a trusted professional in New Hampshire!

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