What are the benefits to doing a Home Inspection prior to selling your home?

By Website Admin | November 3, 2014

One of the advantages to having a pre-listing inspection prior to selling your property is giving the homeowner the opportunity to see the house from an unbiased third party standpoint. This isn’t as much for the buyer as its 99.9% for the seller.  This does demonstrate to potential buyers the homeowners’ willingness to go above and beyond for the upkeep of their home.

Notice a few more great reasons why:

No surprises – It can be a very stressful when the potential buyers find large deficiencies after having the house inspected.

“As a listing agent, I always advise clients to get a pre listing inspection.  If an issue comes up that needs attention, it is to the benefit of the seller to address the issue before the property is listed, and not after a sale price has been negotiated, when emotions are high.  The downside is that if they choose to not address the issue, they will have to disclose it to a buyer.” –Susanne Lynch, NH Realtor with Bean Group

Deficiencies that are disclosed to the potential buyers usually are taken more receptively when they know up front about it.  This takes us to our next point about: Fewer renegotiations – Real estate agents can inform the buyers (with homeowners consent) of it being previously inspected and if repairs were addressed. This makes negotiations a smoother process since the buyer is already aware of what may need to be fixed still and keeps the serious buyers around. Potential problems found ahead of time can help the seller to adjust the selling price depending on if they want to fix it or not.

“The buyer benefits either way.  They will either know up front what will have to be repaired in the future, or they will rest assured that something has already been repaired.”  –Susanne Lynch, NH Realtor with Bean Group

Better selling price- Our houses in New Hampshire undergo many different weather conditions. We want our homes to look pristine for the buyers when viewing it. This means taking steps such as the pre inspection prior to putting it on the market. By doing this beforehand it will assist with areas that need a touch-up. This only means… it will increase the value of your home and your bottom line at time of sale!

However, we do need to add that just because a homeowner has a pre-listing inspection this still means the buyer should take responsibility to have their own inspection on the property performed.

We can see there are many benefits to doing a pre-listing inspection prior to putting the house on the market. At Premier Home Inspection we do just that and are able to provide peace of mind to both the seller and buyer. So if you are searching for a Bedford NH Home Inspector, Peterborough NH Home Inspector, Milford NH Home Inspector, or anywhere in between, we’re here to help!

Special thanks to Susanne Lynch for her contributions.

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  1. Larry Thompson

    Yes, it is always good to do home inspection prior to selling it. So that you can know the faults and fix it to have a much higher value while selling your property.


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