‘Tis the Season (for home security)

By PHS | December 29, 2017

Congratulations on that new LG Signature 65” OLED TV!  Did you get it for a good price? What’s that?  How did I know?  Well, I saw the box outside (and the giant screen flickering through the window!)…

Although houses get broken into year-round, this is a great time of year for burglars!  A quick drive down the street on trash pick-up day and they can easily figure out which house to hit first for the best score!  It’s sad but true.  Lets face it, every day we have been hearing the news about how many thefts there have been of items being delivered that never even make it inside the house!  How do we try to be less of a target? Here are a few tips from your local, friendly neighborhood home inspection company.

First off, if you are getting deliveries and you can have them shipped to you at work – or to a neighbor who is home, that is a good first line of defense.  If that isn’t an option for you and you have special instructions

Where do burglars look for your key?

for the delivery driver, try to include them in the notes of your order or contact the shipping company directly.  You don’t want to leave notes outside your house because that is a sure sign to burglars that there is no-one home.  We want to find ways to deter break-ins not imply that our house has easy access.

There are ever-changing statistics that tell how many burglars will bypass your house if you have a home security system (or even a dog!) so some research into the MANY options available is time well spent.  There are numerous companies that offer installation and monitoring but there are also numerous DIY options to consider as well.  One feature of both that many believe to be extremely helpful is having the ability to control things remotely.  Are you wondering if you remembered to close the garage door? Did the kids forget their house key? It is nice knowing that these are things you can check/respond to quickly and easily without having to go home. Statistics also indicate that alarms send burglars running so an easy DIY option is installing door and window alarms.

Some easy low to no cost options to improve the security of your home? Walk around your house as if you are an intruder.  Is your spare key hidden in an easy to find location? Are your windows unlocked? Have you installed a commercial bolt lock or slide-locking bar on your sliding glass door? Do all of your door/window locks work properly? Do you have deadbolts on your doors? Is there adequate lighting around your house?  DO YOU KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS?  Neighbors are a great asset!  Whether you have a neighborhood watch or not, people are aware of the day to day activities and familiar cars in their neighborhood.  Having them identify something out of the ordinary and call out to a stranger or put in a call to their neighbor or police is a great way to prevent a burglary!  They are also typically willing to pay closer attention if you let them know that you will be away. (Setting your lights on timers, having someone shovel/snow blow your driveway and having your mail held at the post office can also make it seem as though someone is still home.)

It is always who you least expect…

No matter how safe you feel in your neighborhood, break your bad habits.  No matter where you live, no matter how short a period of time that you will be gone, lock your doors and close your garage door.  An open garage door leaves access to unwelcome pests and people to your belongings and gives the impression that you might be careless with security. – Although you may not want to believe it, sometimes the burglar is someone you have previously allowed into your home; a contractor, service provider, delivery person, friend of your child… Someone who knows what you have, where it is and how easy it would be to quickly take it (since you left the house open for them!).

If you are considering adding a security system, let your insurance company know.  It is possible that they will recommend specific systems or offer a discount to your home-owners insurance premium. We also invite you to talk to our good friends over at Complete AV in Bedford, NH for all of your home security needs. They have security systems to fit just about any budget to keep your family and your home safe and secure throughout the year.

As always, these tips are brought to you by your friendly neighborhood home inspector. Being a Certified Master Inspector (there are only 14 in the entire State of NH) means we are one of the best home inspectors in NH.

Have a safe and happy 2018!

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