Selling through the Seasons

By Website Admin | January 31, 2017

Spring may be the busiest real estate season, but people buy homes throughout the year, no matter what season. As a preferred NH home inspector, we inspect homes in all weather conditions during each of the four seasons (commonly referred to as Mud Season, Black Fly Season, Hunting Season, and Snowmobile Season here in the Granite State). Whether you decide to sell your home during the peak season or off-peak season you can optimize it’s seasonal amenities. Despite the selling trends, each persons’ buying situation differs. Once you decide which is best for you, play up the perks of the season with your home. Take a few of these tips from your New Hampshire certified home inspector for a successful home sale no matter the season.


  • Keep walkways and stairs clear of all snow and ice – Agents and their buyers (and home inspectors!) want to see that your home is well
  •   taken care of. If they are distracted by the ice-covered ground in fear of falling and breaking a limb, it will take away from what they can admire about the outside of the home.
  • Outdoor Staging – Tasteful winter wreathes can make your home welcoming in the winter months. Try to avoid anything too large or with too many bells and whistles.
  • Make it cozy – When coming inside from the cold, a buyer wants to feel the warmth of home. Keep the thermostat set to a comfortable temperature. You want your buyer to be able to picture themselves being warm and cozy through the coldest months of the year.


  • Add a fall garden – As the summer plants start to taper away start to replace them with some fall flowers like vibrant mums and add some pumpkins and other fall-like decorations that add to the curb appeal.
  • Repair outside lights – Now that it is getting darker earlier in the day, you should make sure that all outdoor lights are working properly since some showings will be when it’s darker outside. If lights are broken, buyers will get turned off before even walking in the home.
  • Keep up your lawn – Make sure leaves are raked and brown spots on the lawn are patched up. Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean your lawn has to fade along with the summer sun.


  • Pack up the winter wardrobe – De-clutter your closets by removing all the bulky winter clothes. Buyers like to see the space in the closets, plus no one wants to be reminded of sub-zero temperatures.
  • Spring Cleaning- It’s that time of year to clean the winter out of your home. A scrubbed and shiny home will impress buyers. Make sure to get the windows and top of doors!
  • Bring the Spring Indoors – Fresh cut flowers always make a home more inviting. Buyers will love to see the vibrant colors of spring and smell fresh flowers. Open the windows to let the spring air inside.
  • Yard Maintenance – When selling in the spring, your yard is the first impression. Clear out all signs of winter, including plow stakes and debris.


  • Don’t lack on the A/C – During a summer showing your buyer will want to escape the summer heat so make sure your home is cool and comfortable so they do not want to rush through the showing to get back in an air-conditioned car (and on to the next house).
  • Provide Refreshments – Most likely you will not be home for the showing but greet buyers like you would any guest in your home. Leaving a pitcher of lemonade or water will help make them linger a little longer (you DO want them to buy your house, right?) and provide much needed relief from the hot sun.
  • Highlight the outdoor bonus areas – During the summer a pool can be a huge selling point. Make sure the pool is kept clean and have seating near the pool so they can imagine themselves immersed in the cool, refreshing water. Also, make sure your deck is clean and take the time to repaint it if needed. Arrange the outdoor furniture and BBQ grill in an inviting manner where they can picture entertaining friends and family.
  • Spruce up the Outside – This is the time to fix your siding and windows. Add paint where it is needed. Frame the walkway with extra lighting for an added touch. Make sure the lawn is nicely manicured and summer flowers are in bloom.

Now that you are armed with these basic tips courtesy of your friendly neighborhood certified NH home inspector, we also encourage you to work with a trusted real estate professional familiar with your neighborhood.  Working with reputable, trusted professionals will give you the best chance at selling your home quickly – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

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