Your Local Home Inspector is a great resource

May 15, 2013

Your Local Home Inspector is a great resource

Have you ever been overwhelmed as a homeowner, not knowing where to start with a project, or even who to call? We have all been there and it is VERY easy for something that should be a top priority to be put on the back burner for months or even years. Don’t put the health and safety of your family at risk – ask questions and get answers!

Your local home inspector is a great person to call with questions. Premier Home Inspection Services, LLC is Southern & Central New Hampshire’s go-to home inspection company. We are committed to being with you every step of the way, as the foundation of our business is built on the idea of people helping people.  In NH, inspectors are required to be licensed and are prohibited from performing work on a house they have consulted on. With that said – we have nothing to sell and have only the opportunity to gain your trust and help guide you along the way.

Is your deck surface sun-baked, deteriorated and in need of attention? You might be able to save a LOT of money by giving your deck a face lift by saving the existing structure/framework and replacing that ugly pressure treated decking and railings with composite decking and railings.

Wondering what the pile of stuff in the corner of the basement is that looks like sawdust? Where did it come from?

Can I test my well water myself?

My bathroom fan sounds funny – do I need a new one?

The industry gives us a unique opportunity to be in constant contact with numerous community organizations and professionals, and we encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a specific service in our community, even if you are not a customer! So by all means, if you have a question or concern related to your home, please ask! If we can help you over the phone or via email – it’s free of charge!

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