Moving? Sell your household goods!

By Website Admin | March 12, 2014

Moving? Sell your household goods!

A lot of home sellers roll their eyes when I show up to perform an inspection and exclaim “What am I going to do with all this stuff!?” Do you have a house full of unused goods or furniture? Are you looking for the best way to get the most money for your household goods? Do you want to sell your furniture? Or maybe you are a new homeowner looking to buy quality used furniture? Here is an absolutely fantastic new website that has surfaced in the past few weeks and is gaining popularity by the minute. Geared primarily to NH residents, NH Yardsale combines the best the ‘net has to offer, at least in my opinion. Sick of paying those crazy Ebay fees? Look no further!

Most recently, they even added a “Rentals” category for homeowners looking to rent out their own belongings! So if you are searching the web for “NH Rentals” or “NH Equipment Rentals” this is a great place to start. What a brilliant idea – I feel compelled to share, so please do the same and spread the word.

And just to clarify, in-line with our standards of practice,  this is an unsolicited post with regard to this site – in no way, shape, or form have the site owners compensated me in any way to advertise for them.  As an unbiased resource for home buyers and home sellers in New Hampshire, rest assured, I am providing this for your benefit only.

Some of the most current ways to cash-in your unwanted belongings involve social media. Try out the local Facebook pages:

As always, if you are searching for a home inspector in NH, look no further! OK – I might be a little biased on that one – but I do urge you to compare us to the competition – I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Your Trusted NH Home Inspectors serve the greater Milford NH, Amherst NH, Bedford NH, NH Lakes Region, NH White Mountains area.


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