Stock That Tool Box

By PHS | May 25, 2018

Phew! The search is over. The home inspection is done.  The offer was accepted.  The financing went through.  The keys are now in your hand.  Congratulations!!  As a new homeowner – especially a first-time homeowner, the responsibility can be a little overwhelming!  After all, the home inspection may have shed some light on things that require attention and you have now inherited those issues.  The question of whether or not you can resolve those issues or should call a professional now sits with you.

You will soon come to realize that you are capable of fixing many of the things that will go wrong, maintaining things that will break down and you may even discover that it can be fun to do DIY projects.  In order to be prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership, here is a list to get you started:


Tool Box

Hammer with a comfortable grip

Screwdriver set

Pliers – including needle nose

Wrenches – a few adjustable in different sizes

Cordless drill and drill bits

Measuring tape



Utility knife

Nail set tool

Combination square

Hex/Allen key – multiple sizes

Extension cord

Caulking gun



Duct, electrical & plumber tape

Hand saw



As you get into the swing of things – especially if you find that you enjoy fixing things, you may take on more challenging projects.  At that point you may find that adding a few (sometimes more expensive) tools will be helpful:


Wire stripper

Stud finder

Ratchet/socket set

Nail gun

Laser level

Random orbit sander

Air compressor

Circular saw

Miter saw

Table saw


Happy home-ownership from your friends at Premier Home Inspections Services!!

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