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By Website Admin | January 10, 2017

Whether you are in the process of preparing to put your home on the market in New Hampshire, a new homeowner, or a seasoned homeowner, we here at Premier Home Inspection would like to help put an end to the homeowner bad habits that could be creating bigger problems than you realize. Here are some helpful tips from your friendly neighborhood home inspector to help you nip these 5 bad habits in the bud.

1.       Maxing out closet rods – Overloading the rods can not only cause them to break, giving you a pile to clean up on the floor, but can also put pressure on the mounting hardware which will eventually make large holes in the drywall.

Solution – Use steel rods and metal supports. Screwing the supports into wall studs is the best, but if that is not possible, attach hardware to a block of wood that spans studs on each side of the closet.

gutter-cleaning-1200x8002.       Neglecting gutters – When the run-off from the roof can’t make its way through the gutters due to debris build up, it will dump along the foundation where it can seep into small cracks or crevices.

Solution – Clean gutters before each season double checking that they haven’t pulled away from the fascia from winter’s snow and ice. You can also install mesh gutter screens which will make clean up easier.


3.       Flushing the “Flushable wipes” – These culprits are the cause of many plumbing problems. Once in the drain, the non-woven material combines with grease and other materials causing clogs that are a pain to get rid of.

Solution- Place a trash pail with a sign to dispose of the wipes properly or just stick to the old-fashioned single-ply TP which is easy on the pipes.


4.       Closing Vents – Shutting the vents to have the heat or AC go where you want it might help for the moment, however, it can cause a pressure imbalance in the ducts which can make the unit work harder or the cooling coil to freeze in certain circumstances.

Solution – Call an HVAC company to install branch dampers in the main ductwork. They can be used seasonally to direct the cooler or warmer air where you want it to go.


5.       Painting over rust – Painting over rust on metal is just a temporary fix. The iron oxide prevents the paint from sticking, so more flaking will start soon.

Solution – Remove the surface rust with a scraper. Use a rust primer first, then coat with a direct-to-metal (DTM) paint which is a special acrylic formulation.


These things might seem trivial, but take it from us, your trusted local New Hampshire certified home inspectors – these little fixes done now will save you (and your wallet) a headache in the end.

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