Spring Home Maintenance

By Website Admin | April 5, 2017

It is that time of year again when the snow melts and uncovers everything from branches, brown lawns and hidden toys from the last of warmer days. It might seem a bit overwhelming to start tackling that spring clean-up but your Southern NH home inspector wants to provide you with some maintenance tips to keep your home in top condition. Although it may take time and a little elbow grease, in the long run it can help you prevent costly repairs and alert you to potential problems.

Remove any built up debris and look for signs of bending, damage, or areas where water may have been running behind the gutter and down the siding. Adjusting, replacing, or re-attaching brackets may be necessary. Hammering out bent areas and replacing damaged sections are minor repairs that you can do yourself for under $50.

•Roof and Chimney
After a tough NH winter, you may find shingles that need to be repaired. Not a fan of ladders? Use binoculars to look for any cracks, missing or falling (loose) shingles. Look for any shingle tabs that are beginning to lift, curl, or that have been discolored, which may be signs of bigger problems. Look for loose chimney bricks and mortar, rotting boards or rust. If you have any skylights, make sure there are no stains that would indicate leaking. If you suspect a problem, call a qualified roofing contractor such as Vaillancourt Roofing or a chimney professional such as Crown Chimney for a repair estimate.

Check siding for loose or rotting boards and replace as needed; Inspect the areas where siding meets windows and doors and caulk any gaps. Use soap and water, a brush, and a garden hose, to give your siding and fences an annual cleaning.

•Air Conditioning
HVAC companies recommend a yearly tune up on your cooling systems.
If your system wasn’t running well last season, be sure to tell your HVAC contractor, and make sure he performs actual repairs rather than simply adding refrigerant. Helpful hint: Have your heating and cooling system serviced at the same time in the spring to save on annual maintenance costs.

•Outdoor Play Areas
Make sure your children’s outdoor play areas are safe before sending them out to play. Tighten bolts and make sure things are still properly secured and safe to use. Make sure no sharp edges or splinters are sticking up, and clean off any mold growth with a household bleach and water solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before the kids play on any playground equipment. It’s also a great time to rake out the sandbox to remove any presents the neighborhood cats may have left.

Rainy weather is a perfect time to check the attic for leaks, water stains, discolored insulation and rotting or moldy joists and roof decking. If leaks are detected, call a handyman or qualified roofing contractor for an estimate for repairs. If you discover any areas of mold, call a mold remediation company such as Peniel Environmental for advice. If you find soft or damp spots on the underside of your roof, call a roofing contractor immediately. If you have an attic fan, make sure it’s running properly and that the protective screen hasn’t been damaged or blocked by bird nests, wasps or other debris.

• Windows
No one likes this task, but after the harsh winter, you will want to clean the windows. While you clean the windows you will also be able to notice any cracks in the panes, rotten trim and tears or rips in the screens. If you notice cracked or peeling paint, now is the time to touch it up.

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